About us

Kaiyare happened when we,  Anvitha Prashanth and Nikitha Satish discovered we shared a passion for sustainable living. Anvitha is the founder director of Go Native , a chain of organic, farm to table restaurants and conscious-living stores in Bangalore and Nikitha designs her own label , Dori , working with Ilkal weavers in north Karnataka. We decided to explore other textiles and create a range of women’s wear that was committed to the ethos of sustainability and livelihoods, as well as promoting Indian craft traditons, that we share.

We look for our material and fabric very consciously. We choose our partners mindfully. And then let the materials and artisans express themselves.  We began our partnership with banana fibre craft under the guidance of The Kishkinda trust and our collaboration with WomenWeave and the products that emerged from theses collaborations, simply speak for themselvesToday, we are a team of 20 women from the villages around the Wildlife reserves of Kabini, many of whom are first time artisans and earners. The excitement and pride they take in that achievement shows up in every twist and knot they make. Bringing their craftwork for you to enjoy closes the loop and creates a bond you will cherish for sure.