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Wearing our heart on our sleeve

Kaiyare, which means handmade in Kannada, wears it’s  heart on it’s sleeve, quite literally. From the hearts and hands of women artisans from villages around Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. Kaiyare brings you a range of clothes and fashion accessories, made, using not just traditional skills of weaving but also the traditional wisdom of using waste to make useful, beautiful things.

Handcrafted with love


ಅತೀತ | atīta

Inspired by the magic of the Universe, this handwoven collection is a tribute to the unexplored.

Going beyond the known to explore the unknown, our collection is woven & embroidered by hand woven by the artisans of Kutch, on Kala cotton from Khamir. The entire collection is hand embroidered on unbleached cotton. 
Our designs come from our fascination for the forces of the Universe.

Waste Wisdom

Kaiyare - The process